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About CityKinder

CityKinder is a lifestyle and community platform for German-speaking families in the NYC metro area. We offer a wide range of events, groups, classes and seminars  and provide expecting parents and young families with comprehensive lists of resources that will help them navigate their new environment as well as parenthood.

Through our offline activities, members of our growing CityKinder community can access a supportive network with other families of a similar cultural background.

Groupshot of the german Community at a CityKinder Event

How it started
When Gabi Hegan became pregnant with her daughter she had been living in New York City for almost 10 years and had never been very involved in the local German community apart from occasional visits to Zum Schneider or Loreley. Having a baby brought her back to her roots and she started to look for other German speaking parents in the area. It’s hard to believe now, but apart from a few yahoo groups and some small German programs there was not much on offer for the German speaking parent community. Gabi’s husband sat down for 2 weekends building a simple website and CityKinder.com was born. 2 classes and 1 event were on offer… Over the years the project has grown tremendously and was shaped by many volunteers and supporters who gave their expertise, great ideas and invaluable time to the task of creating a platform for German speaking families in the NYC area. CityKinder started as a true community project envisioned and run by Moms, Moms-to-be and a few Dads who volunteered their time and expertise and has since grown into a small business giving Expat Moms the opportunity to work around their kid’s schedules….

Meet the team!

Button Ich bin ein CityKind from the German Community CityKinder in New York

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