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Giveaway: “Mama! Noch Fragen! – a German gift book for new moms

Book cover Mama! Noch Fragen?Are you looking for a great gift for a new mom who speaks German? We’ll give away one of these! It’s a book that tells the truth about being a new mom. Because she will write it herself.

Mama! Noch Fragen? is book full of (German!) questions about the first 52 weeks with a baby. We’re talking about the kind of questions your best friend might ask if the two of you were out for a beer – oh, a cup of tea, that is, of course. So be prepared for questions about your moments of glory as well as your cheats at making yourself look like super mom.

This makes “Mama! Noch Fragen?” a great gift for a new mom. So why don’t you have a look at the book and at the Mamafragen blog? By the way: Petrina also writes about New York in her other blog Moment: New York – that’s in German as well.

If you want to win “Mama! Noch Fragen?”, send us an e-mail  or post a comment of Facebook with your best piece of advice for new Moms.

You can buy the book (which is written in German) in the US for $ 19,50 as well as on Amazon Germany for € 14,88.