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Job Listings in the Community CityKinder Blog Author > CityErleben

Do you like to explore New York City and surroundings? Do you like to write about your experiences and take pictures? If yes, please contact us!

No matter if you are a seasoned New Yorker who knows all the “Geheimtipps” or if you experience the city and surroundings with a new pair of eyes – we’d love to hear from you and hope you’ll become a blog contributor for us.

Our CityErleben blog is written by Moms and Dads in German for our community. You can come up with your own topics or let us send you on assignments to try out new activities, plays, parks, playgrounds and go report on your day and weekend trips in the area. 

Initially we are looking for volunteer contributors who enjoy writing and want to be part of a fun team. There will definitely be perks!

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