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CityKinder Guides “Schwanger in Amerika” eBook (New York Edition)

CityKinder Expecting in NY Seminar for pregnant Expats and Parents-To-Be

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Having a baby is a huge step in life that comes with many, many questions. Having a baby in another country away from your family and friends comes with even more questions. CityKinder is here to help!

This ultimate eBook guide gives expecting couples the necessary information needed to go through pregnancy and prepare for birth in the New York Area.

Save yourself hours of research and phone calls with “Schwanger in Amerika” – New York Edition.

The guide is written in German. It carefully explains the procedural and cultural differences between the US and back home.

Get answer on the following questions and more:

  • Understanding your options
  • Creating a birth team that’s right for you
  • Prenatal care options
  • Birth Plans
  • Midwife/Doula/ Baby Nurse
  • The Big Day – What to expect?
  • Hospital options in the area
  • Lists of German speaking providers like doctors and doulas
  • Postnatal care options
  • Glossary with all the terminology you need to know
  • Groups, classes and communities for expecting and new Moms

Info: 110 pages of filled with invaluable info



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