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For Parents & Expats “Lesen und Schreiben” for Multilingual Children

  • Event Date

    Thursday, September 21st, 2017

  • Event Time

    7:00PM - 9:00PM

  • Event Sessions

    1 Session

  • Event Location

    Deutsches Haus @ NYU 42 Washington Mews

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Biliteracy is an important part of bilingual education, yet, teaching children how to read and write in both languages can be challenging. Unlike learning to speak in more than one language, learning to read and write is not something that children necessarily pick up easily by just being around their German speaking parents. That is something parents will need to foster.

This seminar shows different approaches of teaching biliteracy, and explains the process of learning to read in the German language. We will describe how parents can support their children, and discuss challenging situations that are common in bilingual families. The seminar will conclude with practical ideas and exercises to foster literacy in german, from how to make learning fun for beginners, to tips for children who can already read to some extend.

Fee: $39 per person

Speaker: Andrea Pieper

Andrea is a licensed speech therapist and the Language Program Deputy Coordinator at Deutsches Haus NYU


Please check our schedule for seminars and webinars in English. 


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