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We are excited to announce the “soft-launch” of Classifieds – Kleinanzeigen by CityKinder, a brand new marketplace for everything “German” in New York City.

The idea is basically a Craig’s List for our community….

As with every new site, there are bound to be a few bugs and areas where things might not be as user friendly as we would like them to be (we are probably “website-blind” by now…. ;-) – so feedback is greatly appreciated! 

Feel free to start posting any items you have for sale!

Listing your items is free of charge. If you’d like to have them highlighted and on top of a category, it’s $10 for 30 days. If you’d like your item guaranteed listed on the home page, it’s $20 for 30 days (that becomes of course more relevant, once we have hundreds of listings on the site….;-)


What can you do?

  • Post your personal items for sales like baby gear, clothes, furniture, and more…
  • Check our babysitter listing or post an ad for your unique needs (babysitters are coming!)
  • Moving? Lighten the load by posting in the Moving Sale section – newly arrived Expats will love to take that vacuum off your hands…
  • Looking for part-time work where you can use your German skills? Check out our job listings.
  • Look for tutors, teachers, housekeepers


Does it cost anything?

No and yes. Listing personal  “For Sale” items and replying to any ads is free. There is a small fee to post an ad for babysitters, tutors or other specific search areas as well as for job listings, real estate offerings, and more. You can also upgrade your listing to be highlighted on the Classifieds homepage or within your category.

What about my privacy?

You can elect to post your phone number or only your email which is not open to the public. You will communicate with the seller via the “Send Inquiry” button.

Your address can be entered as general as UWS or Park Slope or more specific with your street name, e.g.: W 72nd Street, Manhattan


This is an opportunity to check “closet cleaning”  off your to-do list by sorting through your stuff and posting it on :-)

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