Our Team Gabi Hegan

Founder | CEO | Business Development | Blog Author

Gabi Hegan arrived in New York in the fall of 1999 with 2 suitcases in her hands. After a successful career in the hotel industry she was looking forward to settle for a quieter life-style with her new baby in 2009. The house-wife “bliss” did not last long as the active New Yorker by choice was soon looking for new opportunities while staying home with her daughter Lily. In May 2010 she was looking for other German speaking families and did not find many ways to connect apart from a few yahoo groups. The idea for CityKinder was born and operations started in October 2010 with 2 classes and one event on the calendar.

Since then CityKinder has grown to be the go-to website for German speaking families offering events, groups, classes, blogs, a large resource listing and many opportunities for families to meet and connect.

Building the website was a crash course in business 101 and Gabi enjoys all (well, most) of the different tasks that come along with running a small business. Even after 3 years, CityKinder is still a community effort and would not have been possible without the countless hours of our many volunteers and contributors. Thank you!

Gabi also contributes to our CityErleben blog where she shares her favorite hot spots and activities around town and to the CityExperten blog where she give advice on New York related life-style and parenting topics.


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