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Rosita Fugarino – Teacher at the German International School New York Blog

Language and Bilingualism

Rosita Fugarino – Teacher at the German International School New York

The Swiss-born Rosita Fugarino is working as a primary school teacher at the German International School New York (GISNY) in White Plains for 22 years. She trained as a teacher in Zurich where she worked for a few years before she followed her calling abroad. During our interview with CityKinder Rosita tells us what she loves about GISNY, why the school is a great option for Swiss children, and talks about the most important aspects when it came to raising and educating her own kids.

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Sylvia Wellhöfer und Nina Zieling – Gründerinnen des German Enrichment Program an der P.S. 18 in Brooklyn

Ihre Zeit im Mutterschutz wollte Sylvia Wellhöfer sinnvoll nutzen und sich gemeinnützig engagieren. Deshalb gründete sie das German Language Program, eine Eltern-Initiative mit dem Ziel, kostenlosen bilingualen Sprachunterricht an öffentlichen Schulen in New York anzubieten. Motiviert durch die Erfolge der französischen Organisationen, die bereits viele Schulen in New York mit ihrer Sprache bereichert haben, startete sie ihr Projekt gemeinsam mit anderen engagierten Eltern im Sommer 2015. Das wichtigste Etappen-Ziel ist jetzt erreicht: Ab September 2017 startet das erste „German Enrichment Program“ an der Grundschule P.S. 18 in Brooklyn. Für Sylvia genau der richtige Zeitpunkt, um die Leitung der Initiative an Nina Zieling abzugeben. Sie ist ebenfalls Mutter und weiß, was es bedeutet mehrere Sprachen fließend zu sprechen: Sie selbst ist trilingual mit Deutsch, Englisch und Spanisch. Im Interview erzählen Nina und Sylvia, was es mit dem „German Enrichment Program“ auf sich hat, für wen es geeignet ist und wie man sich anmelden kann.

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Music Education Within Bilingual Education

While music may be thought of as a childhood hobby, studies emphasize the importance of music education in children’s lives to help develop memory, perception, language, vocabulary, spoken skills, and reading skills. Research shows that these benefits may last well beyond childhood. Music has an impact on both hemispheres of the brain and thus makes learning easier. To get these benefits, both listening and playing or singing are important. However, all the positive effects on cognitive development of young children are usually related to singing or playing instruments.

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Top 5 Bookstores For Kids

Top Bookstores for Kids in NY | CityKinder

CityKinder found the 5 most kids friendly bookstores in New York for you! It’s amazing how much effort book stores are putting into our future generation. Here is a list of our top 5 with detailed descriptions!

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The Lifelong Benefits of a Bilingual Education

GIS Renaming Reception | CityKinder

January is a busy time of the year when parents of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten-aged children evaluate their education options for the coming fall. Choosing the right school for your child can certainly be a challenging endeavor that raises a lot of questions. If you are interested in giving your child a bilingual education, you add even more questions to the mix. Will a second language confuse or complicate the learning process? Will it make it difficult for your child to keep up with his or her monolingual peers academically? If you’re certain you want a bilingual school, how do you choose the right program? For that matter, do bilingual schools with academically excellent college preparatory programs even exist in the New York area?

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Bilingualism – Different goals for different Families

At Deutsches Haus at NYU, we offer classes for bilingual children, and we only ask that the child speaks German daily with a family member, caretaker etc.

While the classes are held in German, the proficiency of the students can be vastly different. Some children can understand and participate without speaking German, while others communicate and read and write in German.

Their families have different reasons to choose raising children with two languages, and even the term “bilingual” can have different meanings for different families. For some, having the ability to listen in two languages but speak in just one may constitute bilingualism, while other parents expect their children not only to speak, but also be literate in both languages. Depending on those definitions, parents put more or less importance and effort into their child’s bilingual development.

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What’s your definition of bilingualism?










What’s your definition of bilingualism?

When I moved from Germany to NYC, I started to work as a German teacher for children, and became curious about bilingualism and bilinguals.

I spoke English in my everyday life, and German to the families I was working with, and to my relatives and friends at home, but I never labeled myself bilingual.

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Library in Upper West Side

Nachdem ich bisher nur über die Bücherei in der 42. Straße berichtet habe, möchte ich nur kurz ein Update geben über meine neuesten Erfahrungen in anderen Ablegern der Bücherei. Letzte Woche war ich nämlich in der Bücherei an der 67. Straße und Amsterdam Avenue … und war total begeistert. Die Abeilung für Kinderbücher ist auch hier sehr groß und bietet sehr viele Bücher für Klein und Groß. Leider habe ich keine Deutschen Bücher letztes Mal gefunden, als ich da war  – alles nur spanisch – aber manchmal sind – lt. Angaben der Bibliothekarin – auch dort welche.

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