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Loving FT nanny sought for UWS family, ages 6, 3 and newborn

  • full-time job
  • UWS


Full time M-F, 50-55 hours

7:45 a.m. – 6/6:30 p.m. plus one late evening ~ 9:30 p.m.Pay – competitive at fixed weekly rate, plus metro card

Children: 3 girls, ages 6, 3 and newborn

Location: Upper West Side

Time off: 2 weeks of our choosing minimum, +up to 2 weeks travel with family (vacation travel where hours are minimal). Major holidays.


Top qualities we are looking for:

Childcare: Loving and able to ensure children are cared for but not spoiled (we don’t want them served, they should pickup after themselves as age appropriate, use good manners etc.). Safety is a priority, children’s well being and development is #1.

Child Engagement – Didactic personality. Every experience is a learning experience. Talking to children, reading, puzzles, games, answering questions in engaging manner. Need to be able to help with homework, teaching reading and math skills.

Nutrition – understanding of healthy foods/ un-healthy. We are a no juice, very little sweets, only fresh foods (little processed) household. Someone who also eats healthy is best to fit with our lifestyle.

Flexibility – we both work full time and sometimes due to travel require earlier mornings and later evenings. We also are looking for someone who can/would like to travel with us. We have a second home and also like to spend a month there in summers and occasional days there as well. There is generally a lighter work schedule during travel, we would welcome you to enjoy vacations/getaways as part of family.

Multitasking/time management – three kids and various locations of school etc. Depending on scheduling of lessons there may be supplemental help to run children to locations but our nanny should be comfortable organizing playdates, being mobile to make lessons and other appointments, school pickups etc.

Dog friendly – Our golden retriever is very sweet but he can also at times require care and attention. We want to be clear about this as if you don’t like dogs/animals it is probably not the right position.

Cooking/light housework – We need help prepping lunches, cooking a few dinners a week – this is centered around children not cooking for us. We have a cleaning lady but are pretty fastidious so work best with someone who also keeps things clean, neat and organized.

Us: Our last caregiver was with us for six years but is moving on for personal reasons and we seek another long term caregiver. We are loving, fun, and very busy family. Two professionals who work full time/ travel who will offer communication and respect to our nanny. Flexibility and solid work ethic required.

Pluses: German language (children and father bilingual) or educational experience

Please send a resume, including background , skills & education


To apply for this job email your details to natalie.s.nyc@gmail.com

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