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About CityKinder

CityKinder is a lifestyle and community platform for German-speaking families in the NYC metro area. We offer a wide range of events,  classes and seminars  and provide expecting parents and young families a comprehensive Service Directory that will help them navigate their new environment as well as parenthood.

Through our offline activities, members of our CityKinder community can access a supportive network with other families of a similar cultural background.

Groupshot of the german Community at a CityKinder Event

Who is behind CityKinder?
Button Ich bin ein CityKind from the German Community CityKinder in New York
When Gabi Hegan founded CityKinder in 2010 as a community project, she had no idea it would grow into the leading platform for the German community in and around New York. CityKinder is run by (Expat) Moms who love the opportunity to work around their kid’s schedules, volunteers who make our events possible and blog contributors. Meet the team!

What have we been up to?
In 2017 we hosted the first annual ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR for the German speaking community bringing expats, locals and businesses together under one roof. This event is happening every first weekend in November: www.ichbinexpatfair.com

What’s next? 
in 2018 we launched a nationwide platform for the German-speaking Expats www.heimatabroad.com and a quarterly bilingual print magazine by the same name. Come on over and check it out!



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