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I am not Volunteering at my Kid’s School – or Should I?

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When I first came to the US, I thought parents here just liked to be involved in their kid’s school. But now I know that there are many reasons why the schools need parent support: lack of funding, teacher’s rights and state and federal requirements. As a working mom, I just can’t be part in all of it and be successful in them.

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5 things I wish I had known about moving to New York

When my husband asked me if I could imagine living in New York for a few years, I felt a tinge of excitement and adventure. I envisioned extraordinary modern architecture, the skyline (still breath-taking, especially by night), the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps and thousands of yellow cabs. I pictured myself riding my bike over the Brooklyn Bridge with our dog sitting in the basket in front of me – I was happily excited.

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4 reasons your kid doesn’t need a “Schulranzen” in the US

I loved my dark blue Scout “Schulranzen” when I was a kid all through primary school. So when my daughter was ready to enter Kindergarten (equivalent with “Vorschule”) in the US, I wanted her to have one of her own. We spent a big part of our summer vacation in Germany shopping for the perfect “Schulranzen” evaluating all the new brands, shapes, colors and character adornments on the market these days…

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Supporting Bilingualism with Online Rental for Children’s Books in German

Do you know one big secret to raising a bilingual child? It is so simple, most people dismiss it: Read to your child every single day in German for 15 minutes or more

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5 questions to ask your OB/GYN early on in your pregnancy

Many pregnant women are pretty happy with their obstetrician- until it comes to giving birth. Once its getting to the “birth talk” around 36 weeks some obstetricians show a very different side to what the mom-to-be had in mind for her birth experience. Starting from the right time for induction to discussing the position how the mother prefers to give birth – make sure to ask your obstetrician or midwife early on in pregnancy what you would like to know.

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Kid’s Birthday Party – A quick guide for foreigners


No matter if you’re new to New York or just new to motherhood – there will soon be a birthday party to host – and it’s quite different than back home. Here are a few interesting facts, some do’s and don’ts and a general overview of the birthday “etiquette”.

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Finding a Babysitting Job in NYC

New York City is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world, which makes it prime real estate for both those looking to find work and those in need of care. Everywhere you go, there’s a business — or family — in need of employees, and when you tack on internet advertising, opportunity abounds.

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The Chicken and the Egg Problem of “Credit” in the US


One of life’s greatest mysteries is what came first: the chicken or the egg? Unfortunately, this same problem can be applied to credit in the US because if you don’t have a credit history, it’s tough to be given a line of credit. But how can you get credit history if you haven’t had any experience using credit before? Read on to find out how to navigate the complicated world of getting credit in the US without having credit in the US.

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Carpooling is the Earth-Friendly Solution Busy New York Parents Need

Until kids are independent, it is up to parents to get them from Point A to Point B. For many parents, it often feels like they spend hours every day just making sure their kids get to school and back and then off to an after-school activity. Even in New York, sometimes it’s simply not convenient to use public transportation or walk with your kids.

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5 Tips when Shopping for a Mortgage as an International Buyer

Are you thinking about buying an apartment or a house, but you’re on a visa or Green Card and your assets are partly in Europe? Not to worry – it just takes a few more steps of planning and preparation and get all your ducks in order before you start looking. The direct way to secure a mortgage would be with your bank, but surprisingly that’s often not the best bet when you are an expat with international assets.

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