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Effiziente, sichere Rückbildungsgymnastik zu Hause: Wie geht das? Blog


Effiziente, sichere Rückbildungsgymnastik zu Hause: Wie geht das?

Mit der Geburt deines Babys beginnt in vielerlei Hinsicht ein rundum neues Leben für dich. Dazu gehört auch, dass dein Körper ganz von selbst in die Rückbildungsphase eintritt. Eine Phase, die mit dem Ablösen der Plazenta beginnt und die weit über die sechs bis acht Wochen andauernde Zeit des Wochenbetts hinausreicht. Und vor allem ist die Rückbildung eine Phase, die du einerseits zur Heilung und Regeneration nutzen solltest und andererseits, um Mutter Natur mit einem sanften und effektiven Training zu unterstützen.

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Virtueller Doula Service – Geht das Überhaupt?

Was sind die Schwierigkeiten für eine Doula in Zeiten von Corona?

Für Doulas ist es derzeit schwierig, unsere Kundinnen so zu betreuen, wie es notwendig ist. Zum einen darf nur eine Begleitperson mit in den Kreissaal, d.h. die Mutter muss sich entscheiden, ob sie Partner/In oder Doula mitnehmen möchte. Zum anderen gibt es natürlich Ansteckungsgefahr, wenn die Doula Hausbesuche macht oder in die Klinik geht zu einer Geburt. Gerade bei der Arbeit mit Neugeborenen ist es eigentlich derzeit nicht möglich, Kunden zu sehen.

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Eine “Doula” macht den Unterschied

Wenn ich zu Veranstaltungen oder zu Freunden gehe und den Leuten erzähle, was ich mache, höre ich oft “Eine Doula? Was ist das?” Also sage ich: “Das ist wie eine Hebamme, nur nicht medizinisch.” Aber das ist noch nicht alles. Als Doula bin ich diejenige, die euch während der Schwangerschaft, der Geburt und der postnatalen Phase begleitet.

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5 Questions to ask Your OB/GYN Early on in Your Pregnancy

Many pregnant women are pretty happy with their obstetrician- until it comes to giving birth. Once its getting to the “birth talk” around 36 weeks some obstetricians show a very different side to what the mom-to-be had in mind for her birth experience. Starting from the right time for induction to discussing the position how the mother prefers to give birth – make sure to ask your obstetrician or midwife early on in pregnancy what you would like to know.

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Tips for a Healthy Natural Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman’s desire is to enjoy pregnancy and childbirth with as little medical intervention as possible. There are a few things you can do to allow this to happen. Chinese physicians have been helping women for centuries to make good choices before, during and after pregnancy to have the most positive experience. Quite a few of these recommendations sound just like common sense (and they are)—yet they are easily overlooked.

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Choosing the right childbirth class

German CityKinder Seminar Birth Education New York

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Alongside with the preparations for the baby you might be thinking about booking a childbirth class. Or not? Some dads-to-be are worried they might have to end up panting and pushing, some moms-to-be are worried they might have to moan in front of strangers. Let me help you with making that decision.

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Did you know these 10 things about Breastfeeding ?

10 things you might not have heard about breastfeeding

1) Breastmilk has the highest amount in fat in the afternoon. In the morning the amount is higher but its more “watery”.

2) We always believed foremilk has less fat than hindmilk. However, new studies have shown that sometimes foremilk and hindmilk have equal amounts of fat.

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What to expect AFTER you’re Expecting

CityKinder Expecting in NY Seminar for pregnant Expats and Parents-To-Be

Ever wondered how those first few days with your newborn would turn out or what it would be like to have a doula by your side during labour and birth.. Did you know that Doula care can reduce cesaerean deliveries? Stephanie Heintzeler, a certified bi-lingual doula, provides some excellent advice and insights on birth and beyond in the following two articles posted below. Stephanie works with women and their partners before, during and after birth to ease their experience and welcome their new baby. She is an experienced midwife licensed to practice in Germany and the USA. You can contact her through Citykinder by sending us an email or get in touch with her directly via her contact details listed below the articles.

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Doula makes a Difference

Doula & Midwife Steffi Heintzeler

When I go to events or friends’ houses and tell people what I do, I often hear “A doula? What is that?” So I say “It’s like a midwife, just non-medical.” But that’s not all. As a doula I am the one who will guide you throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum phase.

Recently, I was involved in a very special birth. Lily and John (names changed) were expecting their first child and had taken my childbirth class. So it was great to know them well before they called me very early one morning. Lily told me that she was bleeding a little and having contractions. Her husband was very nervous, which made me think that he needed me even more than Lily.

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