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Virtueller Doula Service – Geht das Überhaupt?

Was sind die Schwierigkeiten für eine Doula in Zeiten von Corona?

Für Doulas ist es derzeit schwierig, unsere Kundinnen so zu betreuen, wie es notwendig ist. Zum einen darf nur eine Begleitperson mit in den Kreissaal, d.h. die Mutter muss sich entscheiden, ob sie Partner/In oder Doula mitnehmen möchte. Zum anderen gibt es natürlich Ansteckungsgefahr, wenn die Doula Hausbesuche macht oder in die Klinik geht zu einer Geburt. Gerade bei der Arbeit mit Neugeborenen ist es eigentlich derzeit nicht möglich, Kunden zu sehen.

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“Green Living NYC” – Plastikfrei Einkaufen in NYC 

In New York City wurden jedes Jahr über 23 Milliarden Plastiktüten verwendet. Mit dem “Plastic Bag Ban” wird sich diese Zahl nun drastisch verringern. Aber was ist mit dem Rest an Plastik? Lasst uns versuchen, auch diesen zu verringern, um unsere Tierwelt und Umwelt zu schützen. In unserer Blog Reihe “Green Living NYC” werden wir euch immer wieder Tipps und Tricks zur Verfügung stellen, wie man im Big Apple umweltbewusster Leben kann.
In Deutschland ist es inzwischen normal, beim Einkauf darauf zu achten, dass möglichst wenig Verpackung benutzt wird. Paprika wird einzeln gekauft und auch das Brot wird beim Bäcker lieber in einen Jutebeutel gepackt, anstatt in einen beschichteten Papierbeutel.
In New York wird “convenience” jedoch noch groß geschrieben und so findet man auch häufig Artikel wie klein geschnittene Äpfel in Plastikverpackung.

Wir zeigen euch hier wie man auch in New York verpackungsfrei Einkaufen kann!

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Where & Why to get a flu shot in New York


While in Germany the flu shot is usually only recommend for children (6 months and up), people over 60, and high risk groups like pregnant women and those with chronic illnesses –  you almost can’t escape the flu shot mania living in New York…. As so many people live in one spot the risks of infection is much higher, so you should definitely think about the option.

The NYC Health Map is a fantastic resource to find out where you can go get a flu shot. It’s generally included in your health insurance plan.  Check with your insurance provider to see what they can get you and then use the list below!

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Baby Beach Essentials

Baby sitting at beach wearing the beach essentials.

Congratulations on becoming a parent! What a beautiful time in our lives. With new parenthood come challenges. One of them might be the first trip to the beach with your baby. The times when you would put on a bathing suit, pack a towel and some sunscreen and head are over… You will have to plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need for your baby when you head to the beach.

Here is a check list for you!

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Homemade Baby Food By Months

Homemade Baby Food By Months New York in CityKinder German Blog CityExperten Article



There’s something very special about preparing your own baby food for your little one. The key is to know what’s appropriate for your baby’s age.

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Tips for a Healthy Natural Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman’s desire is to enjoy pregnancy and childbirth with as little medical intervention as possible. There are a few things you can do to allow this to happen. Chinese physicians have been helping women for centuries to make good choices before, during and after pregnancy to have the most positive experience. Quite a few of these recommendations sound just like common sense (and they are)—yet they are easily overlooked.

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What Does It Take to Get Pregnant?

CityKinder Expecting in NY Seminar for pregnant Expats and Parents-To-Be

Some may laugh at the question, but for many couples wishing to have a child this is serious business. We usually put considerable effort into preventing pregnancy so that we sometimes forget that conception is not the automatic consequence of intercourse. In fact, millions of couples in the United States attempt to become pregnant each year but fail and are considered infertile.

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Alon Basel | Balanced Vending

Alon Basel is of Russian decent born and raised in Berlin. He came to New York in 1998 and is raising his daughter trilingual. His company “Balanced Vending” is making sure that New Yorkers snack and drink healthier in their cafeterias and lunch rooms.

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Keep your Kids healthy – naturally (Part II)

From birth to adolescence, our children go through many complex stages in their physical and psycho-emotional development. They respond to their immediate environment and the larger world according to their genetic endowment and the support they receive from their caregivers. Along the way, children experience adaptive challenges that they express through a wide range of illnesses and behaviors. Christiane Siebert is an acupuncturist and herbalist licensed to practice in both New York and Germany. In this and a previous article she offers some guiding principles for parents considering naturopathic approaches to minor illnesses of their children. You can contact Christiane through CityKinder or her details listed below the article.

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Keep your Kids healthy – naturally (Part I)

Every child will soon or later have a cold or tummy ache. Most of these episodes are not all that serious but they can make you and your child feel miserable enough to look for help. In Germany many pediatricians are interested in avoiding pharmaceutical drugs, such as antibiotics, when a young patient visits. In the US it is more difficult to find doctors who are knowledgeable about naturopathic treatments.

The most common health concerns in young children are usually respiratory infections and digestive troubles. Children’s immune systems are being formed in the first months of life, and so kids are more susceptible to infections. Also, their little bodies are learning to assimilate foods that are new to them. That’s not always easy and often leads to tummy aches or digestive troubles.

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