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Where & Why to get a flu shot in New York


While in Germany the flu shot is usually only recommend for children (6 months and up), people over 60, and high risk groups like pregnant women and those with chronic illnesses –  you almost can’t escape the flu shot mania living in New York…. As so many people live in one spot the risks of infection is much higher, so you should definitely think about the option.

The NYC Health Map is a fantastic resource to find out where you can go get a flu shot. It’s generally included in your health insurance plan.  Check with your insurance provider to see what they can get you and then use the list below!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on there, then you can also get your flu shot at:

  1. Your primary care doctor:
    If you’re enrolled in a health insurance plan your provider will cover the cost of the flu shot entirely, even if you go to your doctor for the shot. That’s right, no copayment or coinsurance for your appointment, just protection from the flu—whether you’ve hit your yearly deductible yet or not.
  2. Urgent-care centers:
    If you can’t make it to your regular doctor you can go to an urgent-care center.
  3. Your job:
    If you work for a large company, chances are they offer free shots for the office or you can visit your on-site nurses office.
  4. Pharmacies like Walgreens, Duane Read, Target, CVS, Rite Aid:
    All give away lots of free shots for those on insurance!
  5. Supermarkets & MegaMarkets with on-site pharmacies:
    You might even pick-up a free shot while grocery shopping….

Check with your health care provider if a flu shot is the right option for you!


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