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Check out CityKinder’s picks childcare and expecting classes, recommendations for decorating the nursery, products and shops as well as quick links to parenting and expecting websites.

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Dagmar’s Home

Lifestyle blog about thrifty and vintage interior design, DIY projects, parenting, and green living.

Order a piece from home

German Apotheke by Paul’sMart-Europe

European expatriates and their descendants have forever desired to obtain original German remedies, including Homeopathic, Herbal and beauty products without having to take a trip to Europe or impose on relatives. Now you get those products you love from Germany quickly and easily and you can pay in US Dollars!


Choose from a huge selection of sweets from Germany - free shipping!

Nest – European Toys

European Toys & Home

Global Books

Order books in german language (no shipping fees with minimum order value 75 EUR)

German Delights

German Sweets & Holiday Specials

GLP News

Order service for magazines & newspapers from Germany

Organizations – DE, AT, CH

German Consulate New York

Information on Germany, local consular services, and German-related news and events in the Tri-State-Area.

Austrian Consulate New York

support service for expatriate and visiting Austrians regarding the issuing of passports and visa and many more

Consulate General of Switzerland

represents, defends and promotes the interests of Switzerland and of Swiss citizens in New York and the Northeast United States

Parenting & Community Websites NYC

Support, Resources, Education, Connections for Moms

The destination for Moms, Moms-to-be and families

A Child Grows in Brooklyn

Community news and marketplace for Brooklyn parents

Park Slope Parents

Everything you need to know for Park Slope Families

Brooklyn Bridge Parents

Brooklyn Bridge Parents - news from your neighborhood


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