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Gastbeitrag – Fünf Tipps für Erfolgreiches Homeschooling Blog

Schools and Preschools

Gastbeitrag – Fünf Tipps für Erfolgreiches Homeschooling

Durch COVID-19 wurden viele Eltern auf einmal zum Lehrer und manche sind gerade in den USA mit Home Schooling dabei geblieben.  Wir haben Babette Piaget, erfahrene Homeschool Mom, nach ihren Top – 5 Tipps zum entspannten Homeschooling gefragt. Babette unterrichtet ihren Sohn Jacob nun schon länger zu Hause und teilt hier ihre Erfahrungen mit uns. Vielen Dank Liebe Babette!

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Where to Start Your Search for the Right School…

When my daughter was born I was sure we would move back to Germany by the time she turns six, as I could not imagine raising her in the New York school system. All I had heard were horror stories of extreme competition to get into the right preschool which seemed to be the only guarantee of getting to Harvard or Yale…. We only heard about the unsatisfactory conditions of public schools and the horrendous cost of private institutions, not to mention universities.

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Exploring Elementary School Options in New York City

The elementary school system in New York City can be confusing and intimidating, with a wide range of public and private options. What’s more, the quality varies widely across the city. New York is home to top-notch schools that deliver an outstanding education year in and year out, while some continue to lag behind. This leads to a hypercompetitive process to get your child into the “best” program. What any parent should understand is that there is no such thing as the best elementary school in New York City, there is only the school that is best for your child and your family. This article will briefly explain each option to help families make an informed decision, highlighting what differentiates each type of school and describe the enrollment processes.

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Raising your kid bilingual – Everyone’s journey is unique


Bi-lingual education is a rocky road. When you were pregnant you probably thought you would speak German to your child, German only. And English to your better half. And then your beautiful child is born and everything is a bit off and not quite the way you thought it would be. You feel bad that part of your family does not understand what you are saying, so you pull away a bit. Or you give in and don’t speak German with your child as much as you thought you would.

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The Lifelong Benefits of a Bilingual Education

GIS Renaming Reception | CityKinder

January is a busy time of the year when parents of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten-aged children evaluate their education options for the coming fall. Choosing the right school for your child can certainly be a challenging endeavor that raises a lot of questions. If you are interested in giving your child a bilingual education, you add even more questions to the mix. Will a second language confuse or complicate the learning process? Will it make it difficult for your child to keep up with his or her monolingual peers academically? If you’re certain you want a bilingual school, how do you choose the right program? For that matter, do bilingual schools with academically excellent college preparatory programs even exist in the New York area?

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