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Baby Beach Essentials

Congratulations on becoming a parent! What a beautiful time in our lives. With new parenthood come challenges. One of them might be the first trip to the beach with your baby. The times when you would put on a bathing suit, pack a towel and some sunscreen and head are over… You will have to plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need for your baby when you head to the beach.

Here is a check list for you!

Windbreaker or Big Umbrella
It’s important to protect your baby from the direct sun. So a big umbrella will be essential! And if you’d like more privacy I can highly recommend a windbreaker.

Big blanket
The bigger, the better! If your baby is at an age where she can crawl you want to make sure that s/he has enough room to crawl around without landing in the hot sand.

Large beach towels
A large beach towel is needed to wrap your baby warmly and to protect from wind and sand.

Diaper Bag waterproof
You probably never leave the house without it, so make sure not to forget it when you head to the beach! And a waterproof version is highly recommended for the beach.

Food and Water
If your baby was already introduced to solid foods, you want to be sure to pack some food. Good beach options are cooked carrots, bananas, peaches and some chunks of cheese.

Sun Hat
This is one of the most important beach essentials. Baby’s scalp is very sensitive and burns easily in the sun. Be sure to protect and offer some shade with a sun hat.

Swim Suit
You might want to pack 2-3 swim suits. Whenever baby comes out of the water, change him/her into a dry swim suit. You don’t want your little one to risk getting a cold.

Change of Clothes
You can never pack enough changes of clothes. But at least it’s much lighter when it’s the summer. A couple of T-Shirts, some dresses or shorts will do.

Wet Bag
Always separate the wet clothes from your dry clothes! Pack a wet bag specifically for all the wet clothes.

Swim Diaper
Swim diaper are be a must when you go to the beach. But be sure to pack regular diaper for the trip to the beach and when you head back home.

Beach Toys
Some entertainment for the little baby!

Some babies like them others don’t tolerate them. Put on a pair and see how your baby reacts. It’s always good to protect baby’s eyes from the harsh and strong sun.

Be sure to put sun screen on baby. NOTE: Babies under the age of 6 months should not use any sunscreen. A light cotton long-sleeve shirt will protect baby’s skin.

Baby Powder
The magic trick to get sand off of baby!

Take lots of pictures so that you can share this cute moment with family and friends. Enjoy every second of it :)




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