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The best tips for flying with Baby

Flying with baby for the first time can be an intimidating thought, but in most cases it’s much less uncomfortable than expected. For most of us it’s a reality we most likely face in the first year of our baby’s life.  For me the hardest time was not when my daughter was a baby but rather a small toddler from 18 to about 24 month. After that our friend the iPad took care of the entertainment program during the flight.

If you travel with a baby or small child, here are a few tips:

Before the flight: 

  • Check airline policy regarding bassinets (age, weight limits)
  • Check if you can reserve a bulk head seat and bassinet at time of booking or only at check-in?
  • If the plane has rows of 3 seats, book an isle and a window seat – if the flight is not full airlines will block middle seat. Otherwise you can always switch seats. Who would want to sit between two parents after all?
  • Try to book a flight that corresponds with the sleep schedule of your baby (regular bed or nap time should be about 1 hour after take-off)


  • Pack your diaper bag with:
    • sufficient diapers
    • bottles (milk is allowed to bring through TSA control or bring formula)
    • a small bag with just diapers, mat and wipes in the pocket in front of you, so you don’t have to take the big diaper bag in the tiny bathroom
    • Change of clothes for baby
    • Change of clothes for you (at least a top!)
    • Baby Food (check with airlines, LH always has jars on board)
  • If you bought an extra seat for baby:
    • Bring along your car seat for safest travel (check if FAA approved)


  • Some airlines let you skip the check-in and security queue with babies (look helpless :-)
  • Wear shoes you can just slip on or off
  • Practice folding your stroller or instruct someone. TSA personnel is not allowed to hold your baby!
  • Bring stroller with you to the gate
  • Take your baby carrier with you to have your hands free (you need to take it off through security though!)
  • Airlines allow families with small children to board first. I recommend early boarding with small babies, but consider to board last with more mobile kids (you are stuck in that small space long enough)
  • Do one last diaper change before boarding

Take off: 

  • US airlines: you just hold the baby on your lap
  • International airlines: you will be given an extra belt loop for baby for take-off & landing
  • Make sure your baby will feed during take-off and landing (bottle or breast). This will help with the pressure to their ears.

On board: 

  • Bassinet is the best option, if your baby still fits
  • Take your own set of blankets or a sleep sack (instead of the airline blanket)
  • Walk you baby up and down the aisles in your carrier to help fall asleep
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help when flying alone (flight attendants and/or seat neighbors). They can hold your baby while you go to the toilet for example – no way to go anywhere :-)

Have a safe trip and feel free to add some tips to the comments below. 



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