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Kristin Schönberger

Website & Newsletter Editor 

Kristin and her husband moved to New York in February 2018, following his company’s job offer, bringing one of their best friends: puppy Lina.

Back in Germany, she has been working as landscape architect for almost 7 years, contributing to public and private projects from start to finish. She loved especially her last position, where she worked in a landscaping company designing multiple private backyards by expressing ideas in hand drafted plans and 3D models.

Living in New York, she had to reinvent herself and ended up working as a Nanny at several German families. That’s how she found CityKinder, or did CityKinder find her?

In her spare time, Kristin can be found in the Yoga studio. She loves being in nature, taking photos, reading, cooking and she is absolutely passionate about plants.

Contact: kristin@citykinder.com

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