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An Era ends: “Zum Schneider” is Closing it’s Doors

Urgent news…It is now very clear and final that Zum Schneider, the way you know it on Ave C and East 7th Street, is coming to an end on February 29th 2020. After 20 years the Landlord decided not to extend the lease – can you believe this? I guess this is New York…

Zum Schneider will operate business as usual until February 16th. February 10th-16th there is limited menu only! Their annual Karneval party (February 20th), which will go for 6 days,  will also double as a closing partyFebruary 25th will be the very last day they’re open to the public.

It’s sad, but don’t shed too many tears, they start the search for a new location in Spring 2020. Stay tuned.

If you want to find out more about the famous restaurant, than take a look here.

Zum Schneider Bavarian Beergarden and German Restaurant in New York

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