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Rella´s Spielhaus  is back this summer with 8 weeks of fun and educational summer camps in the UWS for 2,5-9 year olds.

In addition to fun packed weeks with lots of crafts, movement games, story time and more the kids will enjoy outdoor time in Central Park each day. Weather permitting we’ll have lunch in the park and after that kids can rest on a blanket or run around and play with our outdoor coach.


Hard Facts

  • July 9th–August 31st 2018
  • daily schedule: 9am – 3pm
  • Regular Price $450/week
  • Weeks can be booked individually
  • We provide snacks (am and pm), the parents provide lunch, water bottle, bathing suit and towel

9:00–9:15am: Arrival, sign in
9:15–10:00am: Welcome Song, ABC, counting, learning how to express oneself in the circle in German
10:00–10:30am: bathroom break, snack
10:30am–12:00pm: Work on weekly theme: sing, dance, arts & crafts
12:00–2:15pm: Central Park, Riverside Park or playground, where we have lunch, free play and outdoor activities
2:40pm: Arrival at Studio back from outside, Clean up, recount the adventures of the day, good-bye song
3:00pm: Dismissal

ADDED VALUE: For an additional $100, we will conduct a 30-minute reading analysis with your child during camp hours. You will receive a 2-page report and we will discuss what we have learned about the child’s understanding of the German Language with a parent.

Week 1 | July 9th – 13th: Biene

Along with the popular story of “Die Biene Maya” we will learn the catchy title song of the German TV series and Csilla will teach a buzzing choreography. We will also learn about the fascinating and sophisticated organization of a beehive and how honey is made. We will also explore and discuss ways how we can safe the bees from disappearing. The 7-10 year olds will create a “Bienenposter” where they will teach the little ones about the inner workings of a bee hive.

Week 2 | July 16th  – 20th: Feuerwehr

This week will be dedicated to the Feuerwehr, a vital part of our beloved City. We will look at what fire is, how we prevent it, we will get to know people who work for the Fire department, and get an understanding of the fitness and strength needed in order to fight a fire. The kids get to play with fire trucks, draw “Schablonen”, learn a fun and challenging fireman choreography of Feuerwehrmann Sam; we will have costumes available and visit the Fire Museum in Soho.


Week 3 | July 23rd  – 27th: Mein Lieblingstier

Children can be very specific about their favorite animal. If that’s the case, we will investigate its habitat, diet, the way it moves. The smaller kids will draw their favorite animal on a huge piece of paper with finger paint, the bigger ones will additionally compose a diary of their Lieblingstier.We will also compose a tune that fits your child’s Lieblingstier’s character.



Week 4 | July 30th – Aug 3rd: Pumuckl

Chances are that the German-speaking parents are familiar with this endearing German TV series. Pumuckl is a little Kobold who can only be seen by Meister Eder the Master Carpenter. We will read the story together, sing the Pumuckl Song and learn everything about what a carpenter does. On our trip to the Hardware Store every child will get to buy a tool and describe to her friends what it is used for.


Week 5 | August 6th– 10th: Koenig der Loewen 

Most children are familiar with the powerful story of lion cub Simba. We will read the story, learn a song from the movie and get to know all the other animals in the book. We will also create  a touching Simba choreography.



Week 6 | August 13th – 17th: Körperteile

There is so much to learn about our bodies. In the beginning, we will determine what group will investigate what systems: Bones, blood flow, digestive system, the largest organ, the skin. With the help of life size skeletons and books, every child will become an anatomy expert in their own right. In order to experience how we can stretch and bend our bodies, we will offer a daily 30-minute yoga session.




Week 7 | August 20th – 24th: Pinocchio

Every child can relate to the wonderful story of the marionette who after he has proven himself brave, truthful and unselfish is transformed into a real boy. We will read the story of old Geppetto, the creator of Pinocchio and the adventures both have to go through to be united again at the end. We will learn the title Song “Pinocchio – kleines Püppchen” and create our own Pinocchio out of papier-maché.




Week 8 |August 27th – August 30th: Dschungelbuch

We will read Mogli’s story together and incorporate a fun choerography of “Probier’s mal mit Gemütlichkeit” – such a catchy song to learn for the kids. And as you might recall, Mogli and his friends eat lots of healthy fruit! Through research in books, we will learn everything about our favorite fruits i.e. where and how they grow.Every child will get to buy their favorite fruit and explain to the group why it loves that particular fruit so much.



Please bring a water bottle, lunch, a bathing suit and a towel for your child. Please let us know if you child has any allergies. If we have highly allergic children, we will make the course nut-free. Otherwise, nut pastes are allowed. Please no whole nuts!

You will get a video of your child’s final presentation late on Friday afternoon.

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We have exciting news!

For the first year, we offer Aftercare during our Summer Intensives. Every day you can sign up for the aftercare hours from 3 – 6pm.

Jessica Taige, our amazing Rella’s Spielhaus part-time teacher, reserved her entire summer for your kids!

How do you enroll?

You choose the week you are enrolled in and decide on how many days you need that week. Book those days and let us know which days you need exactly. There are only 6 slots available from 12 camp slots/Example:

1. You pay 3 x $45 = $135 for the Lieblingstier week

2. You send us an e-mail to willkommen@rellasspielhaus.com with the exact info which days you are committing to, so that we can keep track.

3. you sit back and enjoy that fact that you can relax about your summer months! ;-))






About Barbara Rellstab:

Barbara was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. Growing up in a theater family sparked her interest for the performing arts early on and she decided to follow the footsteps of her late father.  After 5years as actor/singer on German and Swiss Stages Barbara came to New York in 1997. She performed extensively Off-Boradway (lead role in “The Donkey Show”), founded the International Department at the Internationa Fringe Theater Festival (fringenyc.org), and taught voice and Gyrotonic.

When her son Oliver was born in 2009, Barbara sensed the need for a “Mommy and Me” story time format in German. And in 2010, “Lieder & Geschichten” (today’s Kinderklassen) was born, first as pic-nic in Central Park, then at the Harlem Library and soon in Studios from Brooklyn to White Plains.

Today, the Kinderklassen serve more than 50 families each semester. Together with  Rella’s Spielhaus (Manhattan’s First German Language Immersion Day Care) with 15 enrolled children, the Summer Intensives that are in their 3rd year, and last but not least the meet up group with 250 members, the Rella’s Brand has grown every year. The Rella’s team is deeply committed to the Manhattan German Language Community and proud to offer a first rate service to all our children.


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