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Today’s reason to celebrate – ‘Weltkindertag’

September 20th is Weltkindertag. As we work with kids and our name is CityKinder we wanted to honor this special day with a little note. For me ‘Weltkindertag’ has always been something special. Not because it was a day that we especially celebrated but because I always received a postcard from my grandma. For those amongst us who are confused right now because you celebrated the ‘International Kindertag’ at June 1st, don’t be. There is no unitary date.  Several countries, like China, USA or some East European states celebrate the ‘International Kindertag’ on June 1st. In addition, Austria and Germany honor the ‘Weltkindertag’ on September 20th. I agree, it IS a bit confusing, but the fundamental idea is united. The ‘Weltkindertag’ was induced by the 9th UNO plenum to point out children’s special needs and especially their rights.

By Kristin Schoenberger 

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