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Why we are not hosting a “Nikolausfeier” this year…

This coming week will be bittersweet for me. After 9 years of running CityKinder this is the first time I’ll not be running around like a crazy person preparing and hosting our annual Nikolausfeier at St Pauls German church. I loved being Nikolaus’ helper passing out gift bags to about 150 kids, I loved singing “Oh Tannenbaum” with hundreds of families throughout the years and I loved re-creating that certain  “Weihnachtsgefühl” as close to home as possible….

So why are we not hosting one this year? 

Because CityKinder is evolving and sometimes we have to let things go in live to make space for something new. Our mission is still to create community, but more so to share our expertise and knowledge when it comes to help expats adjusting to a new life in and around NYC and help along that huge project called “parenting” – at least when it comes to certain aspects of it (and just between us…. I’m simply getting too old for this… pssst!😉)

However – there are plenty of other schools and organizations nowadays hosting fabulous German – inspired Nikolaus Events, Holiday Markets and more, which we will introduce in our next newsletter.

So what’s new?

We are working hard behind the scenes to create a variety of content and info products for you like webinars, online course, and quick PDF “cheat sheets”.

Below is the  announcements for our first webinar. Stay tuned for more! Also we are working on an online course explaining the New York school system for Expats and local parents who did not grow up with it. It would be hugely helpful if you would answer our 10 question (super quick, I promise) survey to make sure we are hitting all the right points.

In closing I want to give a huge Thank you who helped create wonderful memories of our “Nikolausfeier”: my team (current and past), countless volunteers, St. Pauls German Church, sponsors, supporters, musicians, my family and of course all the families who trusted us with making THEIR memories special as well….

Thank you for being part of this journey….

Gabi (Founder)

Nikolaus Party 2012 as a German CityKinder Family Event in Manhattan, New York

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