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In July and August Pusteblume offers 7 fun-packed weeks of activities, excursions, sprinkler fun, games and lots of language exposure.  Pick whatever weeks you like and however many weeks you need. Each week will include at least two sprinkler and water play days and one theme-related visit around town.

We offer German and Spanish immersion groups for preschoolers and school-age children.


Week 1   Visual Arts

During this week of camp, we will explore different elements of visual arts. We will use a variety of materials to paint, explore different textures and use different mediums to sculpt.

Week 2   Science Fun

Enjoy a variety of science experiments that enable children to develop skills in making predictions, explore scientific elements, analyze different methods and learn from each other.

Week 3   Music and Dance

Explore rhythm and sound through diverse music including instrumental, cha-cha, pop music and learn to dance to these styles.

Week 4   Paleontology

Roam back to the time of the dinosaurs and learn about these prehistoric creatures as we participate in fun hands-on activities such as a bone dig, dinosaur puppets, and models.

Week 5   Crafting and Arts

Join us for a fun week of handmade crafts including weaving and jewelry making. Children will have fun creating and designing with all kinds of different materials.

Week 6   Math Exploration

During this week campers will explore shapes, patterns, and simple mathematical concepts through games, experiments and hands-on activities.

Week 7  Physics

During this week we will discover the world of physics. Curiosity will take us on an exciting journey, in which we will build up knowledge through hands-on experiments, interactive projects, and other fun activities.


2 year olds:  $600 per week from 9am – 3pm

3-7 year olds: $560 per week from 9am – 3pm

* Early drop-off at 8:30am is available for an additional charge

To register your child for Summer Camp, please select from the following options:

Spanish: Children 3 – 6 years of age, please click here.

German: Children 2 – 3 years of age, please click here.

German: Children 3 – 5 years of age, please click here.

German K-1: Children 5 – 7 years of age, please click her.

* Early drop-off at 8:30am is available for an additional charge


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