German Language School at UNIS German Language School at UNIS

German Language School New York at the United Nations International School offers German language education from Early Childhood to High School to Adult Classes. 

Everyone who wants to learn or maintain German can join the German Language School New York in Manhattan on Saturday mornings. Learning takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All classes are taught by qualified teachers. The youngest students learn through play, while the curriculum for the older students emphasizes oral and written communication, grammar and spelling. Adults can learn German while kids are in class.

At German School NYC, we offer classes from ages 1 and up at very reasonable prices. Tuition is paid per semester, with each semester taking place from either September to January or February to June.

Our pricing structure is $600 for the first child or adult per family, and $540 for each additional child or adult. The tuition for children enrolled in either of our “Knirpse” classes is $410 per child.

Adult Classes:                                              10am to 12 pm

Preschool through High School:          9:30am to 12pm

Knirpse Classes:                                         10am to 12pm

Our older students may take internationally recognized standardized tests such as Sprachdiplom 1 and 2.
These very prestigious exams are designed by the German Ministry of Education and satisfy the language requirements for entrance at German universities. Some American colleges give credits for it as well.


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"My two daughters, who are both in High School now, have attended the German School in New York for the past three years. Growing up with a German mother, they both know how to speak German, but they never had a formal training when it comes to grammar, reading and writing. They both have had a great experience - they made a lot of friends and learned so much on so many levels along the way. The teachers succeeded in engaging their students by making the classes both fun and educational. The material covered a lot of cultural aspects, so that not only did my daughters improve in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading and essay writing, but also they deepened their knowledge about the German culture. The school and the teachers also did an amazing job with helping my 17-year old daughter prepare for the C1 exam. I highly recommend the school and I'm so grateful for the dedication of the teachers, who made a difference in my daughters' lives by deepening their connection with their German heritage."Irina Somoroff

"My two girls have attended the German Language School at UNIS for the past 4 years. We all speak German at home, but since they attend a public school in Manhattan, it was important to us that they would learn how to read and write in their mother tongue, which they definitely have! It's always incredible for me to see that 2.5 hours a week have been enough for them to pick up reading and writing! They love to attend the school, are excited to see their teachers as well as their friends. Your children will not only learn how to read, write and speak but will also learn about the German culture: Laternenlauf, Nikolaus, Weihnachten, Karneval etc. The teachers are all extremely qualified and my children have developed a strong bond to them over the years. Overall I would like to highly recommend the German language school if your children are attending an American school."Barbara Remus (Managing Director of the Galli Theater New York )


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