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For Parents Seminars & Workshops

CityKinder aims to engage local experts to lecture about various topics from parenting issues to legal advice to tips on buying property in New York. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for additional topics of interest!

Wie tickt mein Kind?

Die 9 Persönlichkeitsmuster unsere Kinder und wie fördere ich sie am Besten! Is your child the conquer-the-world type? Or more of a conflict-avoiding peacemaker? The Enneagram (say “any-a-gram”) has its roots in ancient Middle East. It recognizes nine basic personality types, their patterns of thinking, feelings and behavior and the relationships between them. It’s an More

Bilingual Brain Conversations: The Pain and Gain of the Bilingual Brain

+++SOLD OUT+++ A new way to look at talk about bilingualism & multi-cultural identity the event series designed to entertain, educate and inspire….. Kick off event “home is where the heart brain is” March 6th 7PM 10 Hudson Yard Exploring bilingualism beyond the obvious and into the obnoxious. When we talk about language acquisition, we always More

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