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Snow in the City

Snow days are quite normal in the USA, but what do they mean, what do I do with my children on such a day and how do I catch up the missed classes? We will answer these questions and give you a few tips on what activities you can do with your children if the weather forecast predicts a snow day.

In Germany there is “Hitzefei” and the USA has its Snow Days, which are loved by children but not so much by parents. Usually Snow Days are announced the day before, in the local news, and mean that a lot of snowfall is expected. Snow Days are mainly a matter of safety, because if a snowstorm is expected with a corresponding amount of snowfall, it can be assumed that the roads will not, or only partially be passable the next morning. To reduce the risk of accidents, residents are asked to leave the house only in an emergency.

A snowstorm is not always expected right away when a Snow Day is coming up. Depending on the state, the snowfall forecast may be enough for the cancelled school day. In states that are otherwise spared from snow, such as Texas, Florida or California, Snow Day can be proclaimed directly when snow is just starting to fall. In states such as New York or even Illinois, which regularly receive snow in winter, it takes at least a 30cm forecast of snow to cancel an entire day of school. To see if you will be affected by the storm check your local TV station or call this number: 718-392-8855 (OPT Customer Service agents beginning at 5:30 in the morning to see if your school bus will be affected).

While children are usually very happy about the news, for many parents it means additional stress. Not everyone can take a day off to look after the children. Therefore, it is advisable to always have an emergency plan for childcare. Whether it is dealing with the neighbors or having a babysitter on call. If you don’t have such a chance, ask your employer whether he or she cooperates with an institution where childcare can be booked at short notice. Bright Horizons is such an organization that offers childcare not only for companies but also for individuals. However, for company employees who have an agreement with Bright Horizons, there is usually a discount. So, it is worth asking.

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Tips for a Snow Day

If you happen to have a day off, there is still the question: What do I do with my children now? Here are a few tips we have put together:

– How about a relaxed day at home? Watch DVD or Netflix play parlor games or cook together.

– For those who would prefer to enjoy the snow on such a day, it’s time to get out of the house and build a snowman, have a snowball fight or go sledding.

– And why spending such a day alone? The children in the neighborhood have the day off too. It would be the perfect occasion to let the kids play together again.


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