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Supporting Bilingualism with Online Rental for Children’s Books in German

Do you know one big secret to raising a bilingual child? It is so simple, most people dismiss it: Read to your child every single day in German for 15 minutes or more

Research shows, parents who make it a daily routine and stick to it, will see that their children will use German more actively, have better language skills, a wider range of vocabulary in German and a broader knowledge of the world, not to mention all the other benefits of reading to your child.

Just as important as reading daily is having a steady supply of suitable German children’s books. But this can be a challenge when living abroad, time-consuming, costly and cumbersome.

And oftentimes the books gather dust in a corner after one or two readings.

KinderBooks, an online rental, offers children’s books subscriptions for children 0-10 years. For a montly fee you will receive quality childrens’s books, matching the age, language level and interests of your child. No matter whether you child is into knights or vulcanos, princesses or science, your child is a beginning or advanced reader: We offer a curated selection of 1.200 titles on a broad range of subject and genres.

They currently offer 4 plans: 2 books or 4 books a month, an unlimited plan and a Summertime special of 8 books for 90 days.

To sign up, visit www.kinderbooks.nyc, enter the age and interests of your child and the books will be delivered by mail to your door. Once you are done reading, send the books back, using the pre-paid return envelope. Soon thereafter new books will arrive. With a new package arriving every month, your children will be excited about the books.


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