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“Green Living NYC” – Plastikfrei Einkaufen in NYC 

In New York City wurden jedes Jahr über 23 Milliarden Plastiktüten verwendet. Mit dem “Plastic Bag Ban” wird sich diese Zahl nun drastisch verringern. Aber was ist mit dem Rest an Plastik? Lasst uns versuchen, auch diesen zu verringern, um unsere Tierwelt und Umwelt zu schützen. In unserer Blog Reihe “Green Living NYC” werden wir euch immer wieder Tipps und Tricks zur Verfügung stellen, wie man im Big Apple umweltbewusster Leben kann.
In Deutschland ist es inzwischen normal, beim Einkauf darauf zu achten, dass möglichst wenig Verpackung benutzt wird. Paprika wird einzeln gekauft und auch das Brot wird beim Bäcker lieber in einen Jutebeutel gepackt, anstatt in einen beschichteten Papierbeutel.
In New York wird “convenience” jedoch noch groß geschrieben und so findet man auch häufig Artikel wie klein geschnittene Äpfel in Plastikverpackung.

Wir zeigen euch hier wie man auch in New York verpackungsfrei Einkaufen kann!

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Wo gibt es das beste Brot in NYC?

Wir sind uns ganz sicher, dass euch das Wasser im Mund zusammen läuft, wenn ihr diesen Artikel lest. Es geht um etwas ganz besonderes – frisches Brot.

Es ist das Lebensmittel, das der Deutsche im Ausland  am meisten vermisst. Natürlich kann man in jedem Supermarkt Brot kaufen, aber wir suchen ja DAS Brot. Frisches Brot mit einer richtigen Kruste. Ein Brot, das nicht komplett weiss ist und vielleicht sogar noch ein paar Körner hat….

Wir haben uns ganz uneigennützig und nur für euch (Ehrenwort!) durch die Bäckereien von New York und Umgebung gefuttert und die besten Bäckereien entdeckt. Danke auch, für die vielen Tipps von unserer Facebook Community.

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Snow in the City

Snow days are quite normal in the USA, but what do they mean, what do I do with my children on such a day and how do I catch up the missed classes? We will answer these questions and give you a few tips on what activities you can do with your children if the weather forecast predicts a snow day.

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Why we can compare “Credit” in the US with the chicken and the egg problem


One of life’s greatest mysteries is what came first: the chicken or the egg? Unfortunately, this same problem can be applied to credit in the US because if you don’t have a credit history, it’s tough to be given a line of credit. But how can you get credit history if you haven’t had any experience using credit before? Read on to find out how to navigate the complicated world of getting credit in the US without having credit in the US.

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YouTV | How to Watch German Films and TV Classics at Christmas Time

What would Christmas be without fairy tales – they belong to the Christmas season, like the Advent calendar, Christmas cookies or the festively decorated Christmas tree. Whether they are new films or old productions from DDR times – the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm in particular are still very popular. If you also want to watch German films and TV classics while living abroad – especially at Christmas time – we might have a simple solution for you: YouTV.

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Grandma Wanted – Living With a Granny Nanny

One of the biggest challenges for expat families living abroad is for sure the fact that friends and family are not living close by anymore – Skype or Facetime sessions have become integral parts of the weekly schedule. But when it comes to finding a babysitter, grandma and grandpa are sorely missed. Especially when both parents are working, and you need regular care.

With 12+ weeks of summer break, several snow days during wintertime, holidays and children getting sick every now and then, it appears even more impossible to follow a regular schedule for working mom and dads.

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Having Trouble Finding German Kids’ Books?

Raising our children abroad is a beautiful thing, they are exposed to two languages. Growing up with this early exposure gives them a rare advantage to speak with proficiency as a native.

As parents, we talk, sing, read in our native language as much as possible to our children. They are growing up so fast, and we all experience the same challenges:

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Where to Start Your Search for the Right School…

When my daughter was born I was sure we would move back to Germany by the time she turns six, as I could not imagine raising her in the New York school system. All I had heard were horror stories of extreme competition to get into the right preschool which seemed to be the only guarantee of getting to Harvard or Yale…. We only heard about the unsatisfactory conditions of public schools and the horrendous cost of private institutions, not to mention universities.

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Tips to Ride Safely in a Taxi With Your Child

Do you ride safely in a Taxi or ride share service in NYC with your kids?

In big cities like New York, owning a car is rare and taking the taxi for short or long distances is the only way to go. This was a big difference, when moving from Germany to the U.S, and we were not aware of the challenges that would come with it.

Most germans that are  living in NYC will know the problem. You are transporting your child in a taxi, car service or ride share but you don’t want to haul your car seat along with you. And while in Germany most taxi services provide a car seat for your child, this is not the case in NYC.

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Exploring Elementary School Options in New York City

The elementary school system in New York City can be confusing and intimidating, with a wide range of public and private options. What’s more, the quality varies widely across the city. New York is home to top-notch schools that deliver an outstanding education year in and year out, while some continue to lag behind. This leads to a hypercompetitive process to get your child into the “best” program. What any parent should understand is that there is no such thing as the best elementary school in New York City, there is only the school that is best for your child and your family. This article will briefly explain each option to help families make an informed decision, highlighting what differentiates each type of school and describe the enrollment processes.

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